Front yard and driveway

During and after, such amazing work.


Before pics above


This was originally the back of the house in 1750, now the front entrance.

This was a mess. Before we saw the house, they had an old underground oil tank removed along with trees, hedges, lawn, part of the driveway, part of some rusty fencing tangled in with weeds, all of which half was still there. Took a while for the EPA to finalize and approve everything was ok before our closing. The biggest problem was that it was now graded wrong and when it rained, we would get water in the basement.



Porches and patios

Austen clear stained one of the mahogany porches today.




Today I was going to scrape, sand and paint the steps. I stubbed my toe again on a rock, so I started digging around it to try and remove it, over an hour later I found this:



New light, Thanks to our electrician Frank Wahl. The first photo is the old light, it gave off an odd pink light. Love the new light and it’s on a dimmer.