I usually don’t hire people to clean my house… but, feeling so overwhelmed, I got in touch with that put me in touch with MaidPro. They came today, the day before the moving company and it was the best decision. My house is now clean and ready to move in.


Removing wallpaper and glue from old/raw cement/stone/plaster walls has been very

challenging. Used DIF, thanks to my friends Lucia, really helped. Then had to clean and use special masonry primer.


First cote of wall paint.


getting better


I’m sorry that I haven’t had time to start my gardens yet this year. So much work to do and coordinate inside the house so we can finally move in. I did get to plant a few potted planters.


Found a spot to make a tiny garden, a bit late this season, but happy to have herbs and a few tomato and pepper plants.

Hopefully the field with be plowed this fall for next year.

Tiny/late garden doing well. Picking basil to make pesto tonight.





IMG_3790cabinetsI started chalk painting the cabinets. I will post more photos and my process when I’m done.

So, here is a short video of how I chalk painted.


Had to use special primer for stone/concrete walls. I think I have to try more colors.

Upper cabinet pulls are in and trying out cabinet shelf liners.


Kitchen counter tops installed today!  This is before:



Thanks all to ChrisIMG_3790


Yesterday was a long day, waiting for some essential services.

Furnace cleaned, tuned-up and oil delivery. Old antiquated propane tank assessed to modernize and relocate. The lawn mower was delivered, we mowed just in time, before the grass was so high we would need a brush hog. Tomorrow cable/internet hook up.

Getting closer to moving in.