Kitchen window

The previous owner left the kitchen curtains, so when I went to remove them to clean the window, I was surprised to find wooden dowel curtain rods. I had seen metal versions of this, but not wooden.


The curtains have little metal stays in them, just like they used in women’s skirts so they would not blow up in the wind.


Nice new old finds today.

kitchen window

This window is now the coffee & tea area.

Outdoors Today

IMG_3461Checking some plants on the property and seeing what needs to be done with them.

These are the grapes, I have no idea what type. The root base is very thick, so they must be old vines. They are in a mess of weeds and grass on an old trellis. I have to clean up the area for them and then I’m hoping to arbor them so I can have a picnic table under them, like my grandmother in Hungary had.


So excited to find currant bushes. They need to be cleaned of weeds and tree saplings.IMG_3458

This is a beautiful little Japanese maple. It’s just planted in a bad spot. I would like to move it to another area.


Putting in the mailbox post was not easy, had to go through the brick sidewalk. I guess the last time they had mail delivered at the house was pony express? 🙂

I found some much needed out door seating at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore… I only found out about this store a few months ago and love it.




and this beat up, very heavy wood picnic table and benches was on $30. there.


Weeding and clearing by sidewalk:

before and after. Gained about 1 & 1/2 ‘ of sidewalk by clearing weeds.

Removing Kitchen wallpaper

This wallpaper was easier to remove then most. Plaster/stucco? walls.

Found some writing under the wallpaper, most were dated late 60’s to 70’s, so I assume that is when it was put up.

The kitchen is really coming along. Painted lower cabinets a gray.


1750s Stone House

Hello, We just purchased this old stone house that was built in 1750, added on to in the early 1800’s
and modernized in the 1950’s. It sits on 1/2 an acre with a small creek running through the middle of
the property. We are going to be slowly renovating it and adding organic gardens. I will be sharing
photos of before/during/after. Any comments, suggestions and helpful advice is greatly appreciated.

Here are a few photos from when our realtor Therese Merlino  showed us the house for the first time.

Old stone house